Vulnerable Manchester City in UCL

No matter good and bad things in front of Manchester United, the club can defeat all of them. Viewing from this point, nothing could undermine the honors of the champions of Premier League. Having won the 1-0 victory against Chelsea at the Etihad easily, Manchester City, coached by Pep Guardiola, only have won 22 points, and there is a long distance to go before hitting the 100-point barrier this season.

They have won 18 points more than the score having been won in 1999-2000 by Manchester United. Based on current situation, Man City will break the previous record in the future while their ease to become championship may be the most concerning factor. In the process of pursuing the biggest prize – the UEFA Champions League, they shall be cautious for ease and negligence.

Up to now, Man City have defeated many other football teams trying to defeat Man City. For the reason of their strong strength, many football teams failed in trying to defeat the football team. There is no exception for the biggest European football club Chelsea. The timid and unambitious approach of Chelsea is also signal of Chelsea’s failure. In order to combat with the powerful strength of Man City, Rafael Benitez tried once in December, but it was ended with failure. All Chelsea’s footballers in discount Chelsea football kit have made contributions in playing against with Man City.

For the relegation pressure they confronted, the corresponding strategy of Newcastle could be understood easily for lack of qualified football players of Chelsea. In case the reigning champions were not prepared to face the football game against Man City, it is a sign of declining for both party and Premier League.

In terms of the negative consequence, Conte would like to attribute it to the absence of the ill N’Golo Kante; however, Chelsea’s manager confessed that the reason of the negative consequence rests on sub-par performance rather than other reasons. In this case, everyone of Chelsea has to accept each criticism with patience. But none of them loss their confidence of a comfortable win in the future.

Some believe that their performance is good enough, and the negative consequence shall not be attributed to strategy itself. Although they lost the game against Man City, they have tried and they are competent team with fantastic performances on football pitch. Although some people admitted their failure frankly, but they believe the unwell N’Golo Kante is an important football player of their team. So, they believe that the absence of the excellent football player has affected the consequence of the football team to a certain extent.

Many football teams have been deterred by the unstoppable tendency of club Man City, and even they were defeated ahead of playing the game. In view of the reason, it could be understood that why many football teams intended to sit back and defend.

Only a few football teams try to against the Man City with positive strategy. It’s no wonder that these teams are prepared to fight fire with fire. Liverpool is one of football clubs take positive measures to halt the tendency of Man City in this term.

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