Adam Greene is one professional who takes much pride in his interests and hobbies

There are few professionals who take as much interest and devote their time to their hobbies and interests outside of their professional work. Adam Greene CPA is one such individual, who actively devotes time to his passion – athletic activities. The partner at Greene & Company has been an avid sports fan since his graduation days at the Hofstra University, where he also held the position of the captain of the university rugby team. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Greene ventured into his professional career, but never gave up on his athletic interests. In fact, 30 years into his professional career, Greene still has the same passion towards sports that he had during his college days.

Today, Greene coaches several youth leagues in the Half Hollow Hills, including the football and the basketball teams amongst other local baseball teams for children. He believes that it is a coach who infuses love and passion for a game amongst young athletes and does his best towards his duties as a coach. He even maintains a blog where he talks about effective coaching techniques, team spirit and how to get better at sports. Apart from football, basketball and his original love, rugby, Greene also enjoys playing a variety of other sports, which include skiing, golf, biking and baseball. Greene is also an active enthusiast of weight training and he often writes about proper weight training techniques and in benefits in his blog, outside of the other sports he takes interest in.

While not engaged in his professional work or his athletic interests, Greene spends time with his family and also takes to reading. He has revealed that he has found good pleasure in reading certain works by authors including James Joyce, Stephen Ambrose, J.D. Salinger and Mitch Albom, among a few others. Greene is a Jew by faith and he celebrates his faith with other members in the community. A resident of Melville, New York, he is known to socialize with the Conservative Judaism community through the Temple Beth Torah. Greene also engages in philanthropy and consistently makes donations to the less fortunate through charitable organizations including the Father Fred Foundation.

Adam Greene is certainly a noteworthy individual, having achieved a good amount of success in his professional career, but more so because of his active community involvement outside his professional activities. His passion and interests towards sports see him actively coach young students and he continues to infuse passion and love for sports among young athletes. He also celebrates his faith and is a member of several volunteer and community driven causes in and around New York. Also one to engage in philanthropy, he is known to have made several donations towards helping other individuals. A father of two, Greene certainly keeps himself occupied all the time, if not with his professional work, then with his other interests, his family and with other community members.