How Embibe Helps Score Higher

This time of the year is a nightmare for aspiring engineering and medical candidates across the country as the entrance examinations for entering the premiere institutions are held during this time. With competition on the rise where a mere difference of 5 marks could mean a loss of 25,000 ranks, it is becoming more and more difficult for the students to ensure their seats in their dream college. The only way to guarantee ones being accepted to their dream college is by ensuring best performance and score higher.

This is where Embibe, an edutech start-up which helps students to prepare for competitive examinations, comes as a rescue.

Embibe’s premium product, RANKUP, guarantees improved performance and higher score.

How does Embibe do that?

With its revolutionary data-driven algorithm, huge collection of simplified contents created by top academicians on every single topic and concepts in the syllabus, previous years’ question papers as well as questions set up by experts with years’ of experience, RANKUP provides personalized guidance to every aspirant and helps in their overall improvement.

It helps the aspirants to identify their key weaknesses and provides them with suggestions to improve as well as a personalized study plan. It gives detailed feedback on where a student needs to work upon. A student can also search for a particular chapter or concept and revise. RANKUP provides the students with the options to “Learn” on various topics, “Practice” once they learn a particular topic, take “Tests” as well as “Ask” questions if they have any doubt.

Apart from these, it also helps the students to improve their behavioral and test-taking proficiencies, which play as equal a role in a student’s performance as their academic proficiency does. This premium product of Embibe teaches the students how to ignore the basic hurdles in the examination hall, like nervousness, that results in silly mistakes – wasted attempts and hence loss of marks and time. RANKUP tracks how much time a student takes to solve a particular question and compares it with the ideal time, and gives feedback to the student, thus helping them to learn management of time efficiently and effectively.

Based on a student’s level of proficiency, RANKUP accurately predicts the college he/she would get, and helps the candidate to realize how much he/she would need to improve to get to his/her dream college.

RANKUP also keeps a watch on how much effort a student is putting as well as his/her stamina. If a student follows as per the feedback he/she gets, revises, practices, and take tests as per the suggestions, his/her Effort Rating can go upto 100%.

By providing the students with personal mentoring, tracking their progress, providing selected topics to improve and personalized revision, Embibe’s premium product, RANKUP, helps in the overall improvement of an aspirant. It provides the aspirants with academic, behavioral and test taking strategies that ultimately guarantees a higher score.